How To Find A Personal Trainer In East London

Are you looking for a personal trainer in East London?

This quick article will break down some important topics you must consider when looking for a personal trainer.

Inside or outside?

Are you looking for a personal trainer in East London that works inside, or outside?

Some people love the great outdoors and in spring and summer it can be nice to do the occasional workout when the suns out.

Having said that, not many people want to work with a trainer in the cold mornings of January, so when you decide on a trainer, make sure you are aware of whether they are working inside or outside as their primary location.

Personal training only? Or nutrition included

Lots of people hire trainers to reshape or rework their body composition. They are looking to drop some weight and to increase muscle tone.

But training is often just one part of the equation when looking at body composition. It’s important you look at lifestyle and nutrition, something we incorporate into all of our programs.

I would argue that without looking at the nutritional aspect, you are likely to see no results from your workout efforts each week.

NOTE: Just lowering your calories or increasing your exercise each week isn’t what we mean. We’re talking about a personalised approach to nutrition for the best results.

Cardio or weights?

When searching for a personal trainer, it’s important to distinguish between the types of equipment they will use.

If you hate cycling, a trainer who uses spinning and cycling sprints in their program probably isn’t the right fit for you.

Alternatively. someone who focuses purely on bodyweight training if your goal is to drop 5lbs may not be the right approach to you.

I encourage you to reach out to the trainers you want to work with and see which methods they use.

If you’re looking to hire a Personal Trainer in East London, I hope this article has helped you consider some things you may not have thought about before.

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