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If you're looking for a personal trainer in Canary Wharf, then you've landed in the right place.


Working professionals and busy entrepreneurs come to Reece Mander Fitness to solve their fitness and health problems.


As the expert personal trainers in Limehouse and Canary Wharf, RMF provide a uniquely holistic approach to losing weight quickly.


Personal Training Canary Wharf


Rated as one of the best gyms in Canary Wharf, Reece and his team are renowned for helping get big weight loss results for their clients. If you are ready to start your own body transformation and are experiencing any of the following problems, and are willing to take action now to fix them, then Reece Mander Fitness can help.


✓ I’m frustrated with my slow or non-existent weight loss.
✓ I’m struggling with low energy on a daily basis and want to feel better.
✓ I want to reduce my weight and increase my strength.
✓ I want to sleep and feel better.
✓ I want to increase my flexibility and mobility.
✓ I need help with motivation.
✓ I need guidance on what to eat.
✓ I’m concerned about my health and I want to take action to fix it.
✓ I’m tired of following yo yo diets and want a sustainable long term plan to help me stay slim forever.
✓ I’ve tried working out in a gym but i’m not convinced that I am doing the right thing.


Note On Coronavirus

We are currently open and are following the government guidelines closely. We have also completed the World Health Organisations online course in infection prevention and control.


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Personal Trainer Canary Wharf

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shanon fernandes
shanon fernandes
18:10 05 Dec 19
If you're looking for a fancy, cutting edge gym that you can go to meet new people, sit in its glamorous coffee shop... and show off your new sports gear you are at the wrong place. BUT... if you are looking for a serious, hands on, guided approach to getting fit and learning about your body you are in the right place. Reece Mander and his team of young, enthusiastic, hardworking, personal trainers will build you a unique programme whilst sharing their immense knowledge and passion on the subject of fitness; informing you of the latest podcasts, case studies and word of mouth knowledge that will help you get results. Long story short I am one of those who managed to avoid the gym for a good 40 + years of my life. I thought it was for professionals, kids or sports fanatics and in any case what would a few hours a week change? Well, one year on I can tell you those few hours can change a lot. I have lost 17kg (2.7 stone) my skin is perfect, my energy levels are higher, I can get into all my clothes (I had to give away loads that were falling off me) I feel more positive about the world and the world treats me so much more positively.How did I do it? Simple, I was doing as I was told by Reece Mander and his team of fantastic personal trainers. 1. I agreed to do three 1 hour sessions per week when I am not travelling for work and just follow their instructions. 2. I agreed to take some basic food supplements such as magnesium, zinc etc.3. I followed the guidance about preferred foods and dietary advice that was provided to me by the team. I was never hungry, and I am a person who loves to eat ( a lot). There were no shakes or powders or any other 'miracle' fixes, just good, healthy sensible eating and hard work encouraged and complimented by the personal trainers. I never had any muscle pain or felt that I was suffering due to the exercise which was and still is tailored to my needs and planned in a truly step by step manner.Personal training was an expense I always thought I was unable to afford, however I believe it really is all about priorities, diverting resources that you normally spend on unnecessary things and directing them into your health and body. It's the best investment you can make and the team at Reece Mander Fitness are worth every more
Amit Shanbhag
Amit Shanbhag
13:10 05 Dec 19
RMF gym is one of the best places to be .. Reece is very experienced and knowledgeable. Offering a very personalised... service to achieve your fitness goals.. All the trainers are amazing, training with Faye earlier and now last year with Sam Smith.He pushes you not only in terms of the workout but also creates a positive and friendly atmosphere. His training offers a variety to target keys areas of fitness .. and I have seen positive results for myself. Going to the RMF gym is something I look forwarded to. The training pushes me to do more, putting me in a positive mind & positive space and improve on my fitness & health. Whether it’s Faye, Sam or Reece they create the positivity and happy environment that rubs on to all of us who are being trained by them.I eat a better variety of foods and finally feel more energised. The only down side is, that I now want to buy even more clothes to show off all this hard work!read more
Tassos Tzezairlidis
Tassos Tzezairlidis
18:08 13 Aug 19
Joining RMF I lost a lot of weight however this was not my main goal. I've increased my strength, improved my stamina... and feel a lot better.I would like to thank Sam for all of his time, motivation and great energy he brings to every session which helped me achieved this.Thanks Reece! I highly recommend your gym!read more
romana khan
romana khan
13:17 10 Aug 19
I started as a beginner and within 2 months I feel energetic and better in shape.I enjoy my early morning training... sessions with Sam. He is amazing professional trainer and keep me motivated.Not only the training part but guidance from Reece about choosing healthier options to eat , proper sleep and HRV is great which play important role in achieving the results .I definitely feel less bloated than before and lost 13% body fat in 6 weeks. Very impressive and highly recommended !!read more
Qingyang Yan
Qingyang Yan
10:57 12 Jun 19
Amazing experience! Lost 8% fat percentage in 3 weeks without eating less - Reece asked me to eat more!! No longer... feeling bloated. Exercise is just a part of the experience with Reece - diet, lifestyle and other habits all play a part. I’m impressed at how much Reece knows all round and how effective his programme is producing results. Certainly worth it for feeling healthier and looking better!read more
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*Disclaimer - As with all transformations, you have to be willing to work hard and follow our advice. Results will vary by how hard you work, and how well you follow what our coaches tell you.

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Who Is Not A Good Fit For Personal Training In Canary Wharf?

For the right people, Reece Mander Fitness has an excellent record of achieving extraordinary results. However, there are a few attributes that would indicate that we won’t be a good fit for certain people. We work hard to avoid those situations where we may not be able to deliver those results. Here are some attributes that might be a sign of a bad fit:


People who are not willing to take action on the information we give them.
People who like the idea of training with a personalised plan, but are not willing to invest in themselves financially.
People who are not willing to do the hard work in the gym we ask of them.
People who are not committed to changing their lifestyle.


We encourage you to use our site to learn more about personal training studio in Canary Wharf by reading our blog, seeing how our clients overcame their problems or to learn a little more about us.


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Watch Before You Pick A Personal Trainer In East London

Watch this short video to understand our philosophy around holistic personal training and see how we can help you achieve your goals.


Our trainers are certified at the highest level of personal training in the world. They have obtained NASM personal training certifications or are Charles Poliquin certified trainers.


To contact us about training personal training in Canary Wharf, please fill out the form below.

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