Personal Training

1/3 of adults in the UK are now classed as obese.

Every year we seem to get fatter. Being overweight is now the normal state of affairs. But because of this, we now have 1000 ways to seemingly lose the unwanted fat.

So which one do you choose?

Unlike other programs, our personal training service focuses on losing fat only – not muscle and fat. This powerful point of difference means there’s no counting of calories, and no endless hours of jogging. We focus on using weights, optimising up your nutrition, and analysing and correcting hormone imbalances through Charles Poliquin’s BioSignature system to get you the quickest fat loss results possible!

At RMF we believe that in order to make a life changing transformation, you need hard training, smart nutrition and tailored supplementation.

Providing you follow what we tell you, we guarantee you results!

We have designed the most effective fat loss workouts using metabolic training, PHA (peripheral heart action) training and lactate circuits. It’s common for our clients to drop over 10% body fat allowing them to drop dress sizes, fit into any of their clothes and be proud of their body. Not only do our clients lose body fat, they also add muscle mass which improves their health and allows them to eat more food without gaining weight.

If you’re tired of chasing fad diets and finally want to make a real change, watch the video below and enter your details to make the first step.