You Are NOT What You Eat

I was back in university halls when I first read the book,

“You Are What You Eat”

After all, it seemed completely logical to me that you become what you eat.

And it’s true. You are what you eat.

But there is something even more important if you want FAST WEIGHT LOSS.

And it’s something I find almost NO ONE is talking about.

And if they did, they’d be able to 10x their results in a matter of weeks.

You are not what you eat.

You are how you SPEAK.

Allow me to explain…

Your brain takes every word you say as literal and accurate, so if you say…

I am famished

I am starving

I am ravenous

I could eat a horse

Then your brain believes you, and will encourage you to overeat.

Have you ever heard yourself say these things?

You need to be very aware of the language you use, ie

the words you use to describe things

especially yourself because your brain in particular, responds to the words and images that are symbolic.

This subconcious mind loves descriptive words, words that paint an immediate picture.

Do you find yourself uttering phrases like

I’m a fat pig

I’m as big as a house,

I’m just so fat

I can’t seem to stick to a plan etc

Because when we ran a survey over on RMF instagram, we had over 40% of people say this to themselves on a regular basis. And they were all women.

Here’s the truth.

You are not a big fat pig with legs the size of tree trunks and you are not going to refer to yourself like that ever again. Even in a joking way. Remember, the mind is listening!

Would you ever talk to your friends or a family member in the same language? Of course not, yet you do it to yourself on a daily basis for many years.

Stop punishing yourself.

It’s important to remember that

Criticism withers people


Praise builds them up.

Praise yourself more and you will find it easier to change.