Weight loss for women vs weight loss for men!

Should you train differently when you’re a guy?

Should women do the same workouts guys do?

In this quick article we break down some of the KEY differences between men and women and why you MUST take into account the difference to get fast results.

Last weekend I was on a specific female fat loss weekend in Dublin.

And this morning, I had to block someone from my fb page to who made a not so smart comment about how male fat and female fat are the same and so you should treat them the same.

He’s completely wrong.

And here’s just a few reasons why…

There is a DISTINCT difference in hormone levels.♀️

Ladies have more estrogen, more progesterone and less testosterone than men. 

And this changes throughout your monthly cycle.

And it’s also different if you are taking the pill, how long you’ve been taking it and which one you’ve been taking…. which affects your thyroid (among MANY other things) and slows your metabolism..

Ladies Can Handle MORE BURN ?

Ladies can handle more lactate production (and can therefore handle more volume) than guys so workouts need to take this into account…

While a 5 exercises in a row with no rest is a puke inducing workout for a guy, it might be just the right thing for the ladies wanting to slim down their legs.

Guys have balls ?

Ladies make MORE hormones from their adrenal glands than guys do (because guys use testes to make certain hormones), which means that ladies are more susceptible to the damages of adding MORE STRESS to their system, such as eating less and training more (another reason ladies have more autoimmune issues than guys) which affects your thyroid and slows your metabolism…

And on and on and on.

When you have two organisms that are distinctly different, you must treat them so if you want to get fast, sustainable results.

If you’re a lady training on a program for guys, or you’re a guy using a food plan suited for a lady….

It may work…..

But it’s not optimal.

And I don’t know about you, but when I enter a weight loss program I don’t want to chance it and see if it works.

Not if my wellbeing, my job and my family are all effected.

I want results NOW.

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