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RMF offers the highest level of personal training standards seen anywhere across the country. Our trainers are required to put in a minimum of 3 months of shadowing before they are allowed to train clients. This is on top of their extensive knowledge, hands on experience and personal training qualifications.

We are totally committed to the science and art of providing the best personal training experience for every single one of our clients. Our clients are the real heroes of our transformation stories, but our coaches play a huge part in keeping them accountable and giving them the guidance they need to bring out the best in themselves.

RMF is not a huge organisation with hundreds of employees. It has 4 dedicated professional trainers who work to push themselves each day to improve the lives of their clients.

By working with a specific subset of lawyers, bankers, finance professionals and entrepreneurs Reece Mander Fitness is able to deliver a unique and highly successful program.

Here are a few words about the trainers.


Reece Mander, Owner

Reece is the founder of Reece Mander Fitness. He specialises in female fat loss and promoting correct female hormonal balance.


  • A Level 2 Charles Poliquin certified personal trainer, under the Poliquin International Certification program, which many respected experts regard as the most advanced personal training program in the world.
  • He is also Biosignature Level 1 & 2 certified to enabling him to help manipulate hormones to achieve fast fat loss.
  • He has a degree from the prestigious Loughborough University.


Reece created Reece Mander Fitness specifically to to help professionals who are fed up of hearing mixed or conflicting information in the media on:

  • Losing weight quickly
  • Losing those stubborn love handles
  • Improving your health
  • And giving you more energy to truly enjoy life, play with your kids and feel more alive than you can possibly imagine!

He is a sought-after speaker and teaches internationally.

Reece also  writes and consults for numerous supplement companies and has been featured on Bodybuilding.com, MyProtein.com and The Protein Works.com




Faye Scanlan, Personal Trainer


  • A Poliquin Biosignature coach (in training)
  • REPS Trainer Level 3

Faye brings her fantastic personality to RMF and has helped countless clients in their request to get and stay in shape. In fact, she has 100% retention rate of her clients. They never leave! It is down to her hard work as a professional and her fun loving manner. But don’t let her smile fool you, she works you as hard as she works herself.


Sam Smith, Personal Trainer

Sam’s Qualifications

  • REPS Trainer Level 3
  • A Poliquin Online Personal Training coach (in training)

Sam’s incredible ability to bring enjoyment and empathy to his clients workouts is why he’s a fan favourite here at RMF. As well as working his clients hard in the gym, Sam goes to extrodinary levels to keep his clients on plan, even speaking to some clients daily. An excellent motivator who brings fantastic energy to the gym, everyone enjoys training with Sam.

Stephanie Beecroft, Personal Trainer

Steph’s Qualifications

  • Masters Degree In Applied Sport & Exercise Nutrition
  • REPS Trainer

Graduating from Newcastle University, Steph was still eager to learn. Now having completed her Masters degree in Applied Sport & Exercise Nutrition, she brings with her a wealth of knowledge to RMF giving us a new dimension to get quick results. Incredibly hard working and keen to get results for her clients, Steph not only works very hard in the gym, she is lovely to be around and her clients appreciate her level of dedication.


We work together as a team, to produce results like this!

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