How Sarah Overcame Eye Watering Back Pain And Got Her Pre Baby Body Back!

Sarah was in pain. If you’ve ever experienced back pain, you’re aware of LITERALLY how it can ruin you life.

It makes you miserable. Terrible to be around. You lose your temper at the smallest thing. And no one around you really understands how it feels.

She’d tried yoga before, and it an helped…a bit. But she wasn’t pain free. What’s worse, is that her job required her to be bent over all day.

But in just 90 days, she transformed from being tight, weak and miserable to strong, healthy and ready to take on the world again.

She was able to feel strong, for the first time ever! Her outlook had improved, her confidence boomed and as an added bonus, she fit back into her old skinny jeans again!

Here is what she said about her transformation.

“I first came to Reece because I had back pain as a result of work + looking after the baby.

I had a window of 3 Months before I go back to work and I just wanted to strengthen my back and core in that time.

I’m so glad I found Reece, in the 3 Months I trained with him I’m eating better, much stronger than I was previously and I have learned the tools I need to continue to strengthen my back on my own.

When I first started I couldn’t even do a single squat correctly, and now I can squat 25KG and dead lift 55 KG.

I have also lost a lot of fat and gained muscle in the process and I feel much leaner and energetic!”

Here is Sarah performing her first set of deadlifts, an exercise that would have been completely impossible for her just 90 days ago.

Stop suffering in silence and book a chat today. Life is too short to live in pain.