Revealed At Last: How Maribel Lost 10kg In 90 days

Being forced into buying yet another dress size up, she’d had enough.

It was a crisp spring morning, the birds were singing and I was yawning the sleep out of my eyes, when a young lady crept in to ask more about ‘finding a PT’.

As we sat down to speak, this quietly confident lady asked if it was possible for her to lose all of her weight in just 3 short months.

No, I explained. It wasn’t going to be possible for her to lose all of her weight in just a few months. However, it is more than possible to lose over 10kg or a stone and a half. Would she be happy with that?

With slight scepticism (after all, nothing had worked before) Maribel said she would, and we began on her initial 90 day transformational journey.

At first she struggled.

She never ate breakfast and giving up caffeine sounded like words from the devil. The workouts were new, the process was new and she know that she would really have to work hard for this to work.

But she started with just one meal, and one workout. Once that meal was done she focused on her next meal. Then then next. And slowly but surely things started to change.

She trusted the process.

She trusted her coach.

Even after a long day.

She ate well.

Even when friends were going out drinking.

And then what felt like all of a sudden, she tried on some old clothes and…


Was this really her? A whole THREE dress sizes smaller? She couldn’t believe it. She pinched herself to make sure she wasn’t dreaming.

No, she really was 3 dress sizes smaller.

Not only had Maribel dropped those 10kg in just a 90 day period, she had completely transformed her love for food, for exercise and it’s now something she has been able to contiune for over 4 years after she started.

She’s even referred friends and family to RMF.

Well done to Maribel who overcame her difficulties and put in amazing work to achieve her goals.

Here are some stand out changes she made over the 90 days.

  • Went from eating 2 small meals a day, back to eating breakfast again and enjoying her food.
  • Increased her carbohydrate intake every week as she got leaner, so she didn’t have to worry about eating low carbohydrate meals which were draining her energy.
  • Increased her strength and toned levels without building lots of bulky muscle, so she could wear her summer dresses again.
  • Increased her sleep, improved her digestion and found those old energy levels which made her feel younger again.

Well done to Mari who changed her life for the better in just a few short months.

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