3 Keys To Find A Personal Trainer In London

Are you looking for a personal trainer in London?

This short article breaks down 3 key areas you must focus on to get the best possible results.

1. Check out the personal trainers physical location

If you’re going to work face to face with someone, why not head down to their location and check it out for yourself?

Pictures can always be edited and reviews can be fake, but there is nothing quite like turning up to an actual gym or personal training studio to get the vibe of the place.

Ask to turn up when the gym is busy. Get a feel for the atmosphere! Would it be somewhere you want to spend a few hours a week?

Try and head down at the time you want to train there yourself. This will give you a great indication of whether they are the right trainer and the right gym for you.

2. Personal training only? Or nutrition included

When most people hire trainers, they are looking to drop some weight and to increase muscle tone.

But training is often just one part of the equation when looking at body composition. It’s important you look at lifestyle and nutrition, something we incorporate into all of our programs.

I would argue that without looking at the nutritional aspect, you will see no results from your workout efforts each week.

NOTE: Just lowering your calories or increasing your exercise each week isn’t what we mean. We’re talking about a personalised approach to nutrition for the best results so that you can maintain your new body without constantly being on a diet.

3. Personal Training Proof. Do they cut the mustard?

As I eluded to before, it can be easy to fake a single review or body transformation photo. It pains me to say it, but there are lots of scam before and after photos. And even if the photos are real, they have exaggerated the time taken to achieve the weight loss.

One way to check for real results, is to compare both before and afters and online reviews from TrustPilot, or Google Reviews.

It’s easy enough to get results for a single client but multiple success stories of both reviews and images will give you the confidence a trainer can deliver on their promises.

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So there you have it!

3 items on your checklist when hiring a personal trainer in London.

If you’re looking to hire a Personal Trainer in London, I hope this article has helped you consider some things you may not have thought about before.

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