Organic or not?

This might be one of the most informative articles I’ve ever written so pay attention! No sleeping in this class!

But hold on Reece, organic produce is expensive, difficult to find and what’s the point anyway can’t I just wash my food first?

Sure you can. But I’d like to see you wash the crap out of a barn fed hen egg!!

Most of us know that when we buy organic vegetables, it means that our veg is free from pesticide spray or dodgy fertilizer. Which means when we make our ratatouille we’re getting all the good nutrients available from the vegetables and none of the bad stuff.

But what about other produce. For example, dairy products or meats? Nowadays we’re used to super sized chicken breasts, chickens that lay 3 eggs a day, perfectly formed vegetables, cheap steaks and more milk that we could shake a cow at. But how has the food become so super? Or is it we’re closing our eyes to what’s really happening in order to stuff our faces? When did we become so blind?

First up, meat! How many of us buy grass/pasture fed meat? Well, you should be!! A cow’s natural diet is grass! Most of the meat we eat comes from cows that eat grain. Even organic meat just means that the cow ate Organic grain. The problem is, cows are allergic to grain! It makes them sick! So the good farmers inject them with antibiotics and hormones and God knows what so make sure they’re okay. Guess where all that ends up? That’s right, in your meat, on your plate and in our digestive system.

Chickens are slightly different, they can eat grain but they should also be allowed to roam and eat insects/worms/bugs as well. This allows our meat and eggs to contain more Omega 3 fatty acids which will give you a whole host of heart sparing, joint saving, younger skin looking benefits (See articles on Omega 3)

Next up is milk. Mmmm milk! We give it to our babies, drink it to get our calcium and have it every morning with our cereal! But are we aware that most milk is homogenised milk from non organic cows. We already know cows should be eating grass and milk that is taken from cows that don’t, will contain the same antibiotics, growth hormone and general nasties as most of our meat. Where possible, aim for milk from grass fed cows, which is unhomogenised. Ladies, the only milk you should be giving a new born baby is milk that comes from you. If nature intended women to give cow’s milk to kids, then you wouldn’t have developed breasts. Plain and simple.

As far as animal health is concerned, if you’re only of those people who doesn’t care too much about the lifestyle of the animals you eat, then you should think again.

A cow squashed in a cage, milked more times a day than is natural, fed grain, injected with hormones and stressed until the day it dies, is unlikely to give you anything of quality once it dies. I cow allowed to graze on green pasture, allowed to roam free and live a stress free life is more likely to give you high quality produce, alive or dead. Think about it.

Next up is Fish. Fish from the sea is better for you than one that was taken from a farm! Fish in nature eat what they like. Animals don’t have bad diets in the wild. In a farm, fish is fed what we give them! I know which ones I’d rather eat! Make the sensible choice!

Finally I’ll touch on game meats. Most people haven’t tried or feel like game meat is not for them. I encourage you to try it. Game meats contain very little fat and are excellent sources of protein. Wild game meats are again better than ones from a farm.

To summarise, here are my top tips. Organic produce is expensive, so where possible…

·Eat organic vegetables. If not organic, thoroughly wash them a few times over, especially if you’re going to eat them raw!

·Eat grass fed beef. You body will thank you in the years to come

·Buy Free Range, Organic Chicken Eggs. Chickens that roam in the day and eat organic foods will produce more Omega 3’s than barn fed all-packed-in-tightly chickens.

·Eat deep sea fresh water fish. Remember that the smaller the fish, the less likely it is to contain heavy metals.

·Aim for Unhomogonised milk from grass eating cows.

Don’t let the supermarkets pull the curtains over your eyes. Knowledge is power and health is wealth.


Until next time…

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