Maribel’s Story

Maribel was eating only two meals per day when she came to see us.

She NEVER ate breakfast.

She also worried constantly about whether what she was eating, was helping or harming her body.

Do you do any of these things?

Forward on just 90 days and not only had she dropped 3 dress sizes, she lost a whopping 10kg or 22lbs of pure fat.

At the current time of writing Maribel has not put one pound of that weight she lost back on, after over a year and a half of training.


Marbiel trained 3 times per week at the RMF Gym for 3 months.

She did full body PHA training.

PHA stands for peripheral heart action training.

This is a method where we utilise lower body AND upper body training in the same workout, to increase the heart rate and post exercise oxygen consumption.

This is known as the after-burn effect!

Burning body fat up to 3 days after she has finished working out.

It is something we do with all of our clients.

She ate a minimum of 3 meals per day, every single day.

She never missed a meal. Not one.

She prepared food according to her individual hormonal profile, which we tested on day one and on a weekly basis thereafter.

But most of all, she was determined to succeed. If you put everything you have into transforming your body, then you can do it too.