How The Pill Makes You Gain Weight

Does the pill make you gain weight? is a common question people ask me.
Actually it can! The pill can play havoc when trying to lose weight?

This is because there is a connection between the pill and your thyroid gland, which controls your metabolism.

It’s actually a double whammy!

First, the pill depletes essential nutrients that you body, and your thyroid, need to function.

Such as selenium and zinc. Both of these essential nutrients are needed to produce your thyroid hormones.

They also deplete B vitamins, which are essential for detoxification (which is imperative in weight loss) but they are also needed to make energy.

Magnesium is another essential nutrient that is depleted and magnesium is used for over 1000 different enzymes in the body.

Magnesium is responsible for, among other things, keeping you calm, reducing anxiety, improving sleep and increasing energy.

And finally, the second way the pill affects your ability to lose weight is that it increases TBG (thyorid or more specifically, thyroxine binding globulin)

This will ‘bind up’ your thyroid hormones, making them less available, which in turn decreases or slows down your metabolism.

And the final kick in the teeth, is that excess hormones especially estrogen lead to water retention which makes you puffy and bloated.

The ladies I see who struggle with losing weight the most, have often been on the pill for 10,15 and sometimes even 20 years. It is not easy to work the body back into balance after taking synthetic hormones for so long.

But there are things you can do.

Turn Off The Tap

First, you need to decide if you’re going to continue with the same course of action.
Before we can pull the plug in the sink, we need to turn off the tap. Speak to your doctor about altering your medication.
Find the root cause of the reason you’re on the medication in the first place. Taking a pill to mask the problem, will inevitably lead to bigger problems in the future.

Fix Your Gut Health

Second, you need to fix your gut.
If you cannot detoxify the excess hormones they will continue to play havoc on your system.

You excrete almost everything via your gut and if you have an imbalance of the correct bacteria in your system, you will get an increase in the enzyme β-glucuronidase, which will re-absorb the estrogen you are trying to excrete.

Replace What Is Lost

And finally, you need to replace the nutrients you have lost from taking the pill to stop it making you gain weight.

Especially Zinc, the family of B Vitamins and others like CoQ10 which is another essential nutrient needed to burn fat and make energy.

At RMF we now off full spectrum testing inside our personal training and nutrition programs.

We can test your hormonal levels using the Dried Urine Test of Complete Hormones, and we can check what your nutrient levels are with Genova Laboratories.

We can also run stool tests to check your gut health and see your levels of β-glucuronidase.

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