How Ann Lost 10lbs In 36 days With An Expert Personal Trainer In Canary Wharf

In this article from the number one personal trainer in Canary Wharf, we’re going to share with you how one of our clients dropped an incredible 10lbs in just 36 days without training more, or eating less food!

Working out but not losing weight

Just last month Ann was working out 4/5 days per week religiously.

But her scale just wouldn’t shift!

She was eating right, she was working out hard so was extremely frustrated that her scale wasn’t moving, she didn’t fit into her clothes and couldn’t seem to figure out what was going on.

But Ann’s issue had nothing to do with her eating well and her ability to work hard.

In fact, her eating the foods she thought was healthy and helpful were actually causing big problems within her body.

Eating The Wrong Things

Here are some common foods people think are healthy, but can actually RUIN your weight loss.

– Whey protein shakes
– Porridge or cereal
– Coffee
– Salads

You see, it isn’t so much about WHAT you’re eating, but how you respond to the food once you’ve swallowed it.

For example, whey protein shakes can help you recover quicker and build more muscle.

But in most of the people I see, they cause bloating and gas, which is inflammation in your body.

This kills your weight loss.

Ann was eating foods that didn’t agree with her, but once we swapped them out, added in some key supplements she was missing as someone who doesn’t eat meat, and BOOM a 4.5kg loss in just over 1 month.

That’s mad.

Saving Time With A Personal Trainer

Considering she is only working out just 3 times per week, saving herself 2 hours to spend time doing things she actually enjoys!

I want this quick article to remind you that losing weight can be complex.

If it was as easy as eating less and working out harder, Ann would have been at her ideal weight years ago instead of last week.

And I wouldn’t have a job.

If you are going round in circles, fed up with no results even though you feel like you’re doing all the right things…

then click here to book a call and we can chat and go through exactly what you’re doing wrong and what you need to do to fix it.


PS. I can’t guarantee you will lose weight as quickly as Ann.

But I can guarantee that if you keep doing the same things that don’t work, eventually you will run out of motivation and quit. Please save yourself the frustration and book a free call.

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