How A 55 Year Old Man Who Hated The Gym, Dropped 2 Stone Without Cardio Or Starvation Diets

Mark HATED the gym.

At 54, he’d all but given up on trying to lose any weight.

Wasn’t he just too old?

Doesn’t it get harder as you get older?

The truth is, it’s much harder to get in shape at 50 that it is at 30. But then, a fine wine gets better with age and a person who is 50 years old, know what younger people don’t.

Time is our most precious asset.

In a minute i’m going to share with you the simple tips Mark used to drop over 13kg.

At first, he didn’t know where to start. So he did a google search. Our gym popped up and what he liked was our motto, ‘health first weight loss after’ which was more important to him now than ever.

His 55th birthday was just around the corner. Could he get in the best shape of his life, even if he disliked the gym so much?

When I first spoke to Mark, he made it clear he preferred swimming as his form of exercise, but he’d recently hurt his shoulder and now needed another avenue to keep himself fit and strong.

At first he found it difficult.

The exercises were all new and the rehabilitation work we gave him for his shoulder progressed very slowly.

But he stayed positive.

He turned up to his sessions. He put in 100% effort, never complaining and never moaning.

And slowly as the days turned to weeks, people started noticing. He started receiving comments about how well he was looking. That he was ‘glowing’.

In his first check in, Mark had dropped a fantastic 4kg (8lbs)! This propelled his motivation and boosted his efforts outside of the gym where the focus was on getting quality sleep, taking his supplements, reducing his stress levels and sticking to his nutritional plan.

In a short period of time, Mark has managed to lose 13kg or 26lbs (just under 2 stone) and now I’ll share with you you some of the secrets you can learn from Mark’s transformation.

1. Do as you’re told

If you’re paying for the advice of a professional, it’s always best to do as they ask. After all, they have been there and done it before. Remember, time is your most precious asset. So hiring a trainer is the best way to save you time, and therefore money. But only if you…

2. Stick to the food plan

I often say, what you eat is more important than what you do inside the gym. Even if you trained every day, you’re spending 1 hour in the gym and 23 hours by yourself.

It’s during those hours that make the biggest difference.

The work inside the gym is to setup the environment for you to burn fat for the next 23 hours. Pair this with the most important point…

3. Consistency

Mark knew that after being out of shape for years, it wasn’t going to fix in just a few sessions. But all too often I see people lose motivation because they haven’t lost X amount of weight in a short period of time.

It doesn’t work like that.

You can’t live an unhealthy lifestyle for 20 years and expect to lose it all in a few short months.

It takes time. But most people who contact me have been trying for a few weeks before they complain nothing is happening.

Of course, going in the wrong direction for 6 months isn’t helpful either, so why not get help from the professionals? After all, time is your most precious asset.

Don’t waste it.