From Love Handles To A Teeny Waist…

Once you get em, boy can they be tricky to remove!
But there are some amazing tricks you can do to help and I’m going to share them with you!
This is how we helped Mrs B (above) drop those love handles in just a few short months.
Here are my 3 top tips for reducing love handles fast.
1. Control The Sugar
Generally, overhanging love handles are because of an overconsumption of sugar. Managing your carbohydrate intake with higher and lower days (we call this carb cycling) will help improve your bodies ability to use carbohydrates as fuel, instead of storing them as fat, helping to tone that area.
2. Control The Stress
High stress (or constantly being busy) is a disaster for your blood sugar levels. The function of one of your stress hormones, Cortisol, is to break down fat or muscle tissue to provide energy. If you’re stressed out all the time you’re going to get huge highs and lows during the day which will make it harder for you to burn fat, especially in the love handle area. It also makes it impossible to stick to your food plan because of constant cravings.
3. Improve blood flow.
Generally areas of high fat have a poor blood supply. Don’t believe me? Grab a handful of ass cheek (not at work!) or the back of your arm. Notice it’s cold? Increasing heat to an area will allow you to increase the amount of fat you can mobilise from that area.
One thing I like to do is work the area directly, like an oblique plank, following by a high intensity explosive movement like a slam ball or 10 calories of the airdyne bike. Give this a try and feel the heat 🔥
Try these 3 tips to help reduce that love handle area!
As always, if you need more help or you’re going round in circles getting the same old (non-existent) results, message me. It’s much easier when you have someone rooting for you.
PS. You don’t need to wait until 1st Jan to do something about your love handles. Today is a perfectly good day to make a change!
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