How To Find A Postpartum Personal Trainer In London

Are you looking for a postpartum personal trainer in London?

This article breaks down 3 things that you absolutely cannot miss if you’re looking for the right expert to help guide you through the process.

1. Experience

Just like you wouldn’t want to use a eye surgeon who had never operated on anyones eyes, you want to find a trainer who has experience in working with ladies postpartum.
There are two main reasons for this

Reason 1

You don’t want to be the first person this trainer has ever trained postpartum. Let someone else be the trying ground.

Unfortunately there are no well researched or qualified courses for trainers (I’ve looked for years) and so this is where experience becomes it’s weight in gold.

Reason 2

C-sections are on the rise. Training someone postpartum is difficult enough, but adding in post c-section births takes it to a whole new level.

Back in 2016 I went on an anatomy course called Segmental and Analytical Strengthening of the Abdominal Muscles by world renowned French Osteopath Guy Voyer. It was, without doubt one of the most difficult courses I have ever completed and that includes my university degree.

When looking at the abdominals, it’s not just muscles you have to consider. You have to consider muscles, tendons, ligaments and the hundreds of types of fascia which weaves and connects itself to one of the most complex parts of your body.

Here’s a small example of what I mean

Image result for abdominal fascia

Finding an expert personal trainer is important when you are not recovering from birth. But finding an excellent professional post birth is essential.

2. Understanding The Recovery Process

Working with someone who understands the effects of how difficult the process of starting, or adding to your family, can be the difference between an enjoyable or hellish recovery.

In Asian and especially Chinese culture, women would have a postnatal confinement period, something which is still practised today. Their belief is that post birth, the immune system of the mother is low and exposing her and her newborn baby to the elements should be restricted.

Im my view this is an excellent strategy, so that mum as much rest as possible. Those 30 days post birth should be about recovery and nutrition (which i’ll touch on in a second)¬† and recovering the body from 9 months of the incredible task of making a baby.

When you finally decide to go back to the gym, or start a new program, the last thing you want is for a trainer to push you too hard or to disregard the fact your body is likely in recover for sometime.

Strength training, recovering abdominal strength and working on injuries should be the focus in my opinion for the 6 moths following birth, but only once you feel ready to exercise again*.

Weight loss can also be achieved by pairing this with good nutrition, but caution is advised when reducing calories and breastfeeding because it’s the abundance of food and nutrients that will allow good breast milk production.

*On a side note, some ladies feel fine to exercise after 6 weeks, others only feel okay after 6 months to a year and some longer.

3. Postpartum Diet & Nutrition 

It has been shown it takes around 75,000 calories to produce a baby. But once that miracle is over, diet is still so important for mother and baby.

But it is even more important if you are breastfeeding.

Saturated fat is the highest source of nutrition for babies (even more so if you are breastfeeding a girl)  so making sure you get high quality sources of organic saturated fat is important.

Focusing on good mono and polyunsaturated fats like those from Cod Liver Oil and Olive Oil are also essential.

When working with a trainer, it is imperative they understand nutrition and are able to guide you with a specific plan for you.

Cookie cutter programs that lower calories is an awful idea for mums post birth.

Before I wrap up, I want to leave you with an example of one of my clients who has 2 young children under 5, had 2 unplanned C-sections, she’s in her 40’s, works a full time job and she was feeling pretty awful just a year ago.

With a specific nutrition, lifestyle and training plan, she has made a 180 with her health and this is the best she has ever looked.

postpartum personal training

If you’re looking to hire a Postpartum Personal Trainer in Canary Wharf, I hope this article has helped you consider some things you may not have thought about before.

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