Doctor Trains With Expert Personal Trainer In Canary Wharf And Loses Love Handles

Do you have love handles that just won’t seem to go? Have you tried everything but nothing seems to work? As personal trainers we see clients come to us all the time, struggling to lose the muffin top.
So we’ve put together some recent tips from one of our fantastic clients (she’s a doctor too) who managed to reduce her love handles in just a few months by working with the expert personal trainer in Canary Wharf.

1. Control The Sugar

Managing your carbohydrate intake with higher and lower days (we call this carb cycling) will help improve your bodies ability to use carbohydrates as fuel, instead of storing them as fat. This helps to get a quick reduction in body fat which is evident in the love handle area!

2. Control The Stress

High stress (or constantly being busy) is a disaster for your blood sugar levels. The function of one of your stress hormones, Cortisol, is to break down fat or muscle tissue to provide energy.
If you’re stressed out all the time you will get large swings of high and low during the day, which will make it harder for you to burn fat. It also makes it impossible to stick to your food plan because of constant cravings.
At RMF we use Heart Rate Variability to monitor and manage our clients stress levels, leading to superior results.

3. Improve blood flow.

Generally, areas of high fat have a poor blood supply.
Try it now!
Touch the front of your arm in the elbow crease. Pretty warm right?
Now touch the back of your arm. Notice it’s cold?
Increasing heat to an area will allow you to increase the amount of fat you can mobilise from that area.
One thing I like to do is work the area directly, like an oblique plank, following by a high intensity explosive movement like a slam ball or 10 calories of the airdyne bike.
Give this a try and feel the heat 🔥
So there you have it! 3 quick tips to help you lose stubborn far from the love handle area!

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