Are You Taking These Two Essential Supplements For Weight Loss?

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In today’s current population it doesn’t matter where on earth you live, the quality of food is not as good as previously. And what I mean by that is the vitamin and mineral content is not as good.

Spraying too many pesticides and not recycling the soil properly are just two of a very long list of reasons why. It is possible to get high quality food but it is difficult, so most people are not going to get it.

I live in England and the food quality is terrible. If I go to Europe it’s much better and if i go to America and you get a lot better and a lot worse. It’s important to know that if you’ve been eating a diet high in carbohydrates, high in fried foods, high in fast foods, then your nutrient level is going to be even lower!

Even if you’ve been trying to eat well we find that a lot of people are still nutrient deficient, so taking a supplement to help you out is one of the easiest things that you can do to improve your health.

There are some basic supplements that we recommend to everyone and I want to cover just a couple today so you can see just how important it is that you take one of these vitamins.

The first, is a multivitamin. Now, what you must know is that, a multivitamin must be taken multiple times a day. The one a day multivitamins are so hard, and so jam packed, and squashed in tightly, they’re very difficult for the body to break down.

What you need is a powder in a capsule form. And if you hold the multivitamin in your mouth for a couple of minutes and it doesn’t start to dissolve, and doesn’t start to break down, you’ve not got a vitamin that’s actually going to break down properly in your digestive tract.

The saliva in your mouth is the first stage of digestion, and that’s automatically where the pill should start to degrade , so that you know once it goes inside your system the pill is actually going to break down and the powder is going to be available for you to use.

A multivitamin is going to cover your bases or your RDA(recommended daily allowance), which my friend Bob Rakowski calls the recommended death allowance.

The recommended daily allowance is the total amount of any one nutrient that you need so you don’t get sick.
For vitamin C it’s 30 milligrams, so that’s the total amount of vitamin C you need every day so that you don’t get scurvy. Now, I don’t know about you but I would like to live beyond scurvy, so I’m looking at absolute minimum 30 mg, and you can cover that with a multivitamin. That’s my number one supplement, a collection of minerals to cover all your bases.

The second most important mineral that I think you should be taking every single day, everyone regardless of any state of health, is magnesium.

Magnesium is such an essential nutrient, especially when it comes to stress. Magnesium is a mineral that is released by your body to help calm you down in stressful situations, and what you can find is, if two people enter exactly the same stressful situation but one is lower in magnesium than the other, they’ll have a heightened stress response.

Remember, that no one event is inherently stressful. It’s how we respond as humans to that event, to see whether our body deems it as stressful or not, and if you’re low in magnesium those events are more likely to be stressful to the body. So, magnesium is another essential nutrient especially for energy production and your heart.

These two nutrients are essential in your supplement arsenal. Make sure you are also taking the highest quality supplements you can afford, otherwise its like putting cheap oil in your Ferrari. It will work, but eventually it will breakdown or things will go wrong.