6 Things I’ve Learned in 2018

As the year draws to a close I always like to reflect on the year and see what I’ve leant.

Hopefully some of the things I’ve picked up this year and outlined in this email will help enrich your lives too.

1. You’re growing, or you’re dying.

I was first told of this concept way back when, but I didn’t truly understand it until earlier this year.

Now I know exactly what people mean.

This state of growth, or decline happens in all areas of life.

For example, you’re either losing fat or you’re getting fatter.

This is no medium, no middle ground.

No staying where you are.

You’re either getting smarter by pushing yourself out of your comfort zone with new tasks, reading new books or my current favourite of 1 Sudoku per day…

or your brain is slowly and steadily going into decline as you age.

The best part of this?

We get to make a conscious choice on whether we’re growing or dying.

Which one have you done today/this week/this month/ this year?

2. The use of a mentor/coach

This year I participated in another mastermind group. I’m in a group of 10 incredible entrepreneurs who are changing the world with their incredible knowledge.

The biggest benefit for me, is to get feedback on how we can grow RMF and help more people.

But also because you’re the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.

This isn’t my first mastermind. And it won’t be my last. I absolutely love the accountability of coaching and how it up-levels your brain. Which is why I believe so much in having a personal training coach.

Here’s why it works.

If you hang around with 5 entrepreneurs who are changing the world, you grow to meet them.

Conversely, if you hang around with 4 people who drink every day of the week, guess what you’ll be doing tomorrow night…

The same works surrounding yourself in a gym where everyone loses fat each week and everyone is working hard on their bodies and minds.

This is why for me, the most important part of brining a new person into RMF is that we find the right person to complement and help everyone grow.

3. Consistency is everything

This year we switched our programs from 3 months to 6 months and our clients have benefitted immensely from the change.

No longer comes the incredible social pressure to achieve incredible weight loss in a few short weeks.

This change works in 2 ways.

People are a lot more relaxed and focused on the process when they don’t feel under pressure to confirm to what they believe the rest of society is doing.

Instagram has made it appear that everyone who attempts to lose weight does so in just 10 weeks.

When in reality, more often than not, those transformations take 10 months.

Or longer.

Instagram is a highlight real of life. People are only showing you their best bits, without the struggle it took to get there.

That’s one of the reasons whenever I post a transformation photo, I don’t often include how long it took, because everyone is different and their physiology will determine the speed at which they can change.

6 month programs also allow you to build better habits.

It is said that you make your habits, then your habits make you.

You are the result of your habits.

And those habits built in those 6 months can extend your life for 80 years.

And keep you slim at the same time.

4. Mindset is the missing link

When people would ask me the ‘secrets’ needed to achieve their body transformation, I would often reply “there are no secrets”.

Training hard and eating well, will give you what you need.

I’d like to modify this view.

Those principals still apply.

But the biggest changes, the BEST transformations (Like Mark who lost 17kg this year and has kept it off) are achieved by those with the right mindset.

And just like a muscle, the MIND needs training too. So that you can…

Keep going when it gets tough.

Say no to a drink on a Friday night at the bar.

Get that early night to train the next day.

To make a decision to eat well even if everyone around you is eating poorly.

It’s a huge change that we’ve made to the programs here at RMF and probably the most significant change we’ve made in years.

5. Read. More

This year i’ve read close to 1 book a week. It’s an incredibly difficult thing to do and requires extraordinary discipline.

But it has allowed me to grow this year beyond measure.

I’ve never read such a broad range of fantastic things and it has influenced my life for the better.

If you’re not reading, at least one thing each month, I recommend you try.

6. Meditation

If there was ever a sceptic for meditation and meditative breathing it was me.

But the turnaround has been 360.

In fact, so dramatic has the turnaround been, that while observing me doing some meditative breathing on Christmas day, my mother-in-law politely asked my wife if i’m turning into a monk. 😂

Along with the cold shower exposure over the last few months, she thinks the next time she sees me I’ll be in an orange robe.

But meditation isn’t some woo woo idea and you don’t need to dress like a hippy to do it.

The idea around meditation is to be conscious of your thoughts.

Which allows you to be more mindful in your daily life.

When we’ve implemented this in the gym, people become…

A lot happier.

A lot less stressed

And MUCH slimmer, quicker.

I urge you to try, but warn that it won’t be enjoyable OR easy when you first start. But stick with it, the benefits are huge.

I hope you can take note of these 6 tips and try to apply them, not only to your transformations.


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