5 tips to increase metabolism (to help burn fat!)

1. Eat protein at every meal.


Protein is metabolically expensive. In english, that means your body has to work harder to break to down that fats and carbohydrates. In fact, it works so much harder that in turn it burns calories in doing so.

2. Eat frequently.


Every two/three hours.Think of your body as a furnace. In order for the furnace to continually produce efficient enegry, you need to re-stock at regular intervals. Your metabolism is the same. Feed it regularly to see if achieve optimal fat burning levels.

3. Drink cold water and green tea.


The body doesnt like cold water. It has to warm it up to be used. This internal warming uses calories. Green tea contains caffene, but unlike coca cola, wont leaving you feeling lethargic after the sugar has gone!

4. Eat breakfast.


Breakfast literally means Break (the) Fast. If you’ve slept for 8 hours your body is in starvation mode. Starvation tells the body to store fat. Break this with high quality protein and fats. Feed the furnace.

5.Ditch jogging for weights.


Weights create EPOC (Exericse Post Oxygen Consumption) translated, means that once you finish weight training, calories are still being burned up to 24 hours after you’ve finished. When you go for a jog or a nice bike ride, fat burning is stopped as soon as you finish. Time is precious. Dont waste it.

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