3 Supplements That ACTUALLY Burn Fat

Did you know that so called  ‘fat burning pills’ actually don’t burn any fat at all!


And i’m going to explain why and then give you 3 supplements that actually burn fat, so that you can add them to your weight loss plan today!

But first.

When you understand that

fast weight loss will only occur in a healthy body,

then your supplements go from ‘fat burners’, to health increasers!

Your incredible body is an organism. When you break that organism down, you get

Organ Systems → Organs → Tissues → Cells


The goal of any program trying to increase fat burning, is to increase the health or OUTPUT of a cell.

Put slightly differently, the goal is to increase energy production in the cell, which means an increase in your metabolism, or the number of calories you burn!

But first, lets take a look and see where the fat burners go wrong.

Googles first result for fat burner is this..

The ingredients are a list of stimulants that include coffee, caffeine, green tea, cayenne pepper and for some reason, titanium dioxide?

Stimulants help weight loss by dulling your appetite, but that isn’t burning fat as they claim.

Effectively they are just an expensive way for you to eat less food.

In today’s world where stress is all around us, taking on additional stimulants will destroy your adrenal glands, which produce your stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol.

Now unless you want low energy, poor sleep and to feel constantly tired and lethargic, then using stimulants is not a good idea.

As stated before, I prefer supplements that ACTUALLY help your burn fat.

The process of breaking down fat is called Lipolysis.

From the Latin.

lipo- (fat) -lysis (breakdown)

Fat then has to be transported into our CELLS to be used to make energy. After all, that’s effectively what fat is.

Stored energy.

So it makes sense, that if you give supplements that increase lipolysis (fat burning) it would be much more effective than to just keep eating less and less, which is completely unsustainable.

Enough of the science. Here are my 3 supplements.


Found in small amounts in meats, Carnitine is an amino acid, or a protein to regular folk,

that aids in the transportation of fat to cells to be BURNED as energy.

By taking this supplement, you raise the muscle concentration of carnitine and because your body becomes more efficient at burning fuel, you actually get an increase in energy too! Can’t ask for more than that! The form I recommend is L-Carnitine.

Tip: Take it with carbohydrates as this increases its effectiveness.


Used deep inside the cells to produce energy, CoQ10 not only helps you literally burn fat, but it also helps reverse ageing and helps prevent damage to your heart!

Tip: Make sure you use the Ubiquinol version otherwise you are wasting your money.

Second Tip: Anyone taking medication like statins or birth control pills will be low in this essential nutrient because those medications deplete it.


I’m sorry, you were expecting something more extravagant? Magnesium is required at a cellular level to produce ATP .


Basically Magnesium is yet another one of these very essential nutrients needed by our cells to make energy (aka burn fat). If we have any left, it gets recycled and re-used.

Not only is it important in energy production, it is vital in sleep cycles, stress management and helping regulate blood sugar so you can control your sugar cravings.

But almost everyone we test, have magnesium levels lower than the optimal range.

Tip: I like to use many different forms of magnesium, all ending in ATE. For example, Magnesium GlycinATE is a better form than Magnesium OxIDE.

So there you have it. 3 supplements that will ACTUALLY help you burn fat.

And finally, please don’t buy cheap supplements (they do more harm than good) and always do your own research.



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