2 Clients – 2 Weddings – 2 HUGE Transformations

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At RMF we are known for dropping body fat and keeping our clients healthy at the same time.

Today I wanted to share with you two transformations of our amazing clients who prepped for their wedding.

Asha and Bex came to us unhappy and frustrated. They had both tried so hard before, but hadn’t achieved the results they had worked so hard for.

After lots of (very) hard work and adherence to their diet plan, they got these amazing results!

Here are some tips that made them so successful .

1. Strict adherence to our dietary guidelines.

We told the girls exactly what to eat. But it was totally up to them to choose to eat it or not. Come rain or shine, they were consistent with their food and supplements.

2. Consistency

Doing one training session per week is a complete waste of time. There girls trained at least 3 times per week for months. Otherwise, how do you expect to shape and transform your body. Deep down you know it’s going to take more than a few weeks of hard work.

3. Using heavy weights.

Both girls can do chin ups. They both squat, deadlift, lunged and pressed their way to this body. They did very minimal cardiovascular work to achieve this look. Probably about 2 weeks worth. If done correctly, cardiovascular work comes secondary to weight training, if at all. And as these strong girls show, lifting heavy weights doesn’t in any way shape or form, make you look ‘too muscular’.

I hope these examples will inspire you to achieve greatness! Summer is coming!

Have a cracking week,


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